Fat Loss: Insulin is NOT the Enemy

Insulin is a Key Hormone! Insulin plays numerous roles in the body, the most prominent of which is transporting blood glucose into body cells. In non-diabetic populations, when we eat food containing carbohydrates or protein, insulin is released from the pancreas into the blood and glucose is shuttled into body cells. We are talking about … Read more

Building a Balanced Meal

In the world of nutrition, we hear the balance and moderation of the term ALL THE TIME. There is a good reason for this, as the success of a “diet” comes down to these two words. I put diet in parentheses because I don’t believe in a dieting approach, more a long-term approach to eating … Read more

5 Things to Start Improving Your Nutrition Today

Regarding proper nutrition, consistency is the key to long-term success. While I do not believe in radical short-term changes to the diet, I believe there are some particular actions you can take to start improving your nutrition today. Below I will outline some simple but powerful changes you can make to your diet with minimal … Read more